This represents a small sample of Accessories available. METrans Accessories are constantly evolving as Customers provide input and requests.
Be sure to check with us frequently, as the METrans Accessory offering is expanding constantly.

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UVC Floor Sanitizer

METrans UVC sanitizer attachment kills 90% of germs and viruses.

With 6+ hours of cleaning power, and a recharge time of only an hour, you can count on the sanitizer to disinfect virtually any floor surface.

When equipped with the UVC sanitizer, the high level of maneuverability of the Vehicle is unaffected, thereby permitting the ability to clean both open floor areas and tight spaces with one pass.

Extendable Pole Beacon

A vehicle mounted, 360-degree view rotating beacon light. This aluminum, extendable, nesting pole beacon is offered with an Amber, Red or Blue color beacon lens, which mounts easily on every METrans MT700.01 Vehicle.

Available OEM or as an aftermarket accessory.

Solid, Foam-Filled Non-Marring Tires

These Solid, Foam-Filled Non-Marring Tires are the same size and diameter as the standard, innertube, air filled tires, but without the potential for “Flat Tires” due to puncture or cut to the air-filled tire.

Available OEM or as an aftermarket accessory.

Wire Mesh Cargo Expansion Bin Insert

A general cargo bin which effectively increases the Vehicle front Bin capacity by about 300% greatly increasing the utility of the Vehicle, without need for a Trailer.

Available OEM or as an aftermarket accessory.

First Responder Quick Access Bin Insert

This paramedic and EMT “break-away” Bin insert can be removed by a single motion of pulling on one handle and removing the plastic cover to expose all of the equipment and supplies for immediate First Responder access.

Available OEM or as an aftermarket accessory.

Wheel Chock Harness

This tether cable and swivel eye snap permits the wheel chocks to be secured to the Cart/Trailer, both in the Cart/Trailer storage bin or in use stabilizing the Cart/Trailer.

Available OEM or as an aftermarket accessory.

Steering Tiller Mounted Auxiliary Horn Button

By customer request, METrans has developed a secondary steering tiller mounted horn button location available and installed OEM when requested.

Available OEM or as an aftermarket accessory.

METrans UVC Floor Sanitizer — A self-powered UVC Sanitizer for all floor surfaces. For use with the MT700.01 Vehicle.

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