Data Centers

Never leak hydraulic fluid in your data center again. Our vehicles and manual server lifters have been 3rd party tested with the help of Intertek. They came to the conclusion that the electronics in the vehicle do not interfere with the data center, our manual server lifter has been tested on raised aluminum floors. Never lift heavy equipment again.

Offices/ Convention Centers

Increase the productivity of your maintenance, warehousing, and catering crews by towing or transporting whatever they require all in a single trip. Our adaptable and easy to drive vehicles include a comprehensive number of standard safety features, remarkable performance capabilities, and a small turning radius. Our zero-emission vehicles are ideal for indoor and silent long-distance personnel transportation.


Our environmentally-friendly, zero-emission electric vehicles are ideal for covering long distances without disrupting the customer experience. Achieve daily tasks such as housekeeping and grounds maintenance quickly, quietly and efficiently. Our no-fume, highly maneuverable utility vehicles can be easily and safely operated in small spaces making them perfect for elevators.


Quickly and discreetly complete everyday responsibilities including security, food services, and maintenance. Our zero-fume, low-noise utility vehicles have excellent mobility and manueverability, and are remarkably simple to operate for long-distance travel.

Police & EMS Units

Facilitate efficient, safe, and silent long-distance travel for your security and paramedic teams. Our emission-free electric vehicles can ensure that emergency personnel respond quickly, safely, and securely. With remarkable maneuverability and easy operation, our vehicles can be utilized in a number of emergency situations to shorten response times and allow for access to smaller spaces.