Industrial Electric Transport Carts

Our Vehicle

Powerful, fast and highly maneuverable, the Transporter is an efficient way to transport you and your stock. With a compact design, travel through any doorway, narrow aisle, or tight corner with ease. The 14mph top speed allows you to travel 4 times faster than on foot. Equipped with state of the art safety features to keep rider and cargo safe and secure. Manufactured in the USA.

Towing Capacity

The METrans MT700 is vastly overbuilt for its size, making it the perfect micro tow vehicle.

The towing capacity for the vehicle is 1000lbs, about 5x its weight.

All vehicles come equipped with our universal tow hitch.

Click below to watch us tow a full size pickup with one of our vehicles!

Laser Accident Avoidance

We make sure that the MT700 is up to date on all of the state of the art safety features.

That is why our vehicle is outfitted with a laser detection system, and accident avoidance sensors.

Click below to see our safety features in action!

On Board Charger

The MT700 recharges in just 45 minutes with its on board charger.

To charge, simply pull the cord out of the socket, and plug it into a standard wall plug.

The vehicle will go 40 miles (about 8 hrs) on a single charge.

Click below to see our charger in use!