Assembled in the USAwith global components

Mission Specific Cart/Trailers

METrans has listened to its Customers and designed Mission Specific Products in many markets/industries at a scale that will go through any doorway or elevator.

Many of these Products are now available for general sale. Please see the array of options currently available below. Be sure to check back often, as products are constantly evolving as Customers provide input and requests.

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Data Center Single (MSL) and Tandem (MTSL) Server/IT Equipment Lifter

Available in 48U, 52U and 60U sizes. (Product Name: MSL, MTSL) Data Center Workbench Trailer (Product Name: WB) with non-static work surface. With industry inputs, METrans has designed and tested Trailers for operation in all data center environments, including (aluminum) raised floor. Patent Pending.

Micro Food Cart/Trailer (MFC)

Multiple uses in Food and beverage transport in confined areas. Optionally equipped with Vehicle powered Dometic refrigerator and freezer. Also available, insulated stainless steel warming oven.

Micro First Responder (MFR) and Micro Patient Transport (MPT)

With industry inputs, METrans has designed, tested and deployed a better rapid response for paramedic and EMT teams, in particular, bicycle teams. Please see Accessories for our First Responder and Evacuation Plastic Cover Bin Insert.

Micro Cargo Trailer (MCT)—40” and 71” Micro Cargo Side Loader Trailer (MCSL)—40” and 71”

For cargo hauling in confined spaces and general maintenance, METrans developed four versions of cargo hauling trailers.

Micro Flat Bed (MFB)—40” and 71”

Stainless Steel flatbed Trailer, with removable end frames. For multi-role carton, luggage and specific cargo transport, including FBO VIP luggage transport, METrans developed two lengths of general cargo/luggage hauling trailers.

Micro Wire Mesh (MWM)—40” and 71”

Locking, enclosed wire mesh trailers for cargo needing to be secured but still easily accessible and capable of “high cube” loading in confined spaces, due to the Trailers’ physical size.

Micro Low Boy (MLB)

Offers a safe and more efficient way to transport a myriad of heavy, wheeled/non-wheeled equipment, over long distances and in close quarters. This includes: warming ovens, cooking stations, dish/silverware trolleys, upright refrigerators, food prep stations, serving equipment, as well as other equipment which requires ground-level loading and level transport to keep the cargo secure and stable. 76” long x 48” wide (193.04cm x 121.92cm)

Micro Manlifter — A mechanical Ariel lift for personnel to work in locations approximately 12-15 feet off the ground.

Micro Custom Work Bench Trailers which will be designed to order with specifications and inputs from customers. An example is a Micro Work Bench trailer containing tools for Airline Ramp Mechanics whom have very special needs to tools and transport around Airplanes at the Ramp in Airports.

Hot/Cold/Frozen Cart/Trailer for Hotel/Resort Room Service.

Currently in

Mobile UVC Floor Sanitizer

“Manlifter” Aerial Work Platform Trailer/Cart