Partocopia is METrans’ unique, customer-direct way of doing business. The METrans-to-Customer relationship always comes first when providing replacement parts, accessories, warranty, customer service and communications. This industry first way of doing business is part of our Brand.

Most manufacturers operate through a multitiered system of middlemen, including warehouses, distributors, dealers and agents which, along with adding margin each step of the way, have the effect of distancing the customer from the manufacturer and adding time delays and potential confusion. Since day one, METrans has always maintained an exclusive relationship with its Customers from the sale through the warranty period and thereafter. METrans provides one-on-one communications between the Factory Customer Service Representative (either by telephone or dedicated e-mail address which is manned during normal business hours) and the Customer.

With Partocopia, we strive to have every component part on our Vehicles and Trailers 100% in stock and available by overnight delivery to any location in the Continental USA. Specifically, when a customer calls or e-mails an order before 3:00pm local Arizona time on any business day, we will do our best to get that part delivered by the next business day. Our goal is to minimize down time for the Vehicle and Trailer and provide a level of customer support not available in the industry.

Just as the word “Cornucopia” conveys abundance and availability, the METrans “Partocopia” Brand and way of doing business brings with it an abundance of customer service and abundance of parts and accessories to get our Vehicles and Trailers back in service as soon as possible.