We have come up with a name intended to describe our unique Customer direct, way of doing business when it comes to providing replacement parts, accessories, customer service, communications, and our, all around, Metrans to Customer relationship program. This industry first way of doing business is part of our Brand.

Where we are different is that most companies do not have a dedicated and DIRECT, customer focused program whereby, we will have the ability to provide warranty or regular replacement parts, accessories, literature, documentation, and one on one factory rep to customer designated repair person communications (either by telephone or dedicated e-mail address which is manned during normal business hours) for the MT700 Vehicle and MR300 Trailer.

Our intention is to offer any component part on the Vehicle and Trailer 100% in stock and available by over night delivery to any location in the Continental USA. Specifically, when a customer calls or e-mails an order before 4:00pm local Arizona time on any business day, we will guarantee physical delivery of the part by the next business day by 4:00pm. This will minimize down time for the Vehicle and Trailer and really offers a materially higher level of customer service than exists with our competitors. We believe a complaint, high on the list with our industrial type vehicle competitors, is a lack of timely, dedicated customer service, and parts availability.

The present system involves middle men, dealers, distributors, brokers, regional warehouses, and generally a system that does not permit the customer to have direct contact with the manufacturer for any aspect of the original sale, or after sale customer service and parts. Part of our Brand is this different level of Direct Customer Service before, during and after the sale.

Because we are doing things different, we want to have a name for it, a descriptive and distinctive name, memorable, and relatable to our Brand, product and way we do business. We came up with the name, “Partocopia.” Our new term, which will be copyrighted, is intended to convey the feeling of abundance and availability that the original word, “Cornucopia” projects.