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METrans offers the TR300 4 wheel steering Trailer which connects via heim joint to the rear of the METrans MT700.01 Vehicle greatly expanding the cargo carrying capacity and utility of the MT700.01 and tracking the MT700.01 when in tow. Additionally, the TR300 utilizes a removable, on board storable, steering tiller arm that when connected to the TR300 facilitates independent utility of the TR300 when disconnected from the MT700.01.


The TR300 offers a welded stainless steel storage bin, 21” wide x 34” long with a 300 pound (136.08kg) carrying capacity, with 4 wheel steering maneuverability. The TR300 powder coated TIG welded frame, aluminum bel cranks, with stainless Steel push rods, and sintered bronze heim joints, activate fully functional 4 wheel steering capability in forward and reverse. Aluminum die cast wheels with dual oversized rubber seal bearings in each wheel support the inner tube air filled, 320 lb. (145.15kg) capacity, 4 ply rated proprietary tread, with regular and non-marring compound, tires.


Included with each TR300 are two unique features. The first, is a cam lock, than when activated installs a pin in the steering arm, locking all four wheels straight ahead. This feature is essential when the operator of the MT700.01 with TR300 attached desires to back up and keeps the wheels from immediately turning sharply, and causing the trailer to bind up. The second feature is the removable steering tiller arm which stores in brackets under the stainless steel storage bin when not in use, and easily connects via a stainless steel pin to the steering arm to independently maneuver the TR300 when disconnected from the MT700.01 Vehicle.


Based on customer request, METrans is developing specialty trailer bodies for the TR300, using the same chassis, wheels, and steering assemblies, but offering, for the first time, unique, purpose designed and built trailer bodies for such uses as food service; EMT; and other dedicated uses. Please check back for updates in the “News” Section of this Website for photos and development progress notes on these specialty trailers.


The steering of the TR300, when disconnected from the MT700.01, and steering tiller installed is precise, offering the operator the alternative of maneuvering the TR300 into tight places and accomplish a 360 degree turn in a circle of less than 30 inches diameter offering independent, extreme utility in virtually any environment.



Overall Length w/ pull handle stowed (not including tow arm) 40 inches (101.6 cm)
Overall Length w/ pull handle stowed (including tow arm) 49 inches (125.7 cm)
Overall Length w/ pull handle installed 76.25 inches (193.6 cm)
Trailer Box length (outside) 34 inches (86.4 cm)
Trailer Box width (outside) 21 inches (53.3 cm)
Trailer Box height (outside) 6 inches (15.2 cm)
Cargo Deck length (inside) 33.75 inches (85.7 cm)
Cargo Deck width (inside) 20.75 inches (52.7 cm)
Cargo Deck Height 5.9 inches (14.9 cm)
Height from ground to bottom of trailer box 9.5 inches (24.1 cm)
Height from ground to top of trailer box 15.5 inches (39.3 cm)
Wheelbase 26.5 inches (67.3 cm)
Wheel Track 22.063 inches (56.2 cm)
Ground Clearance 3.25 inches (8.25 cm)
Ground Clearance (lowest point) 2.5 inches (6.35 cm)


Curb weight w/ pull handle 58 lb. (26.3 Kg)
Curb weight w/o pull handle 56 lb. (25.4 Kg)
Gross Trailer Weight 358 lb. (162.4 Kg)


Outside Clearance Circle 60 inches (152.4 cm)
Intersection Isle Clearance 30 inches (76.2 cm)