Laser Accident Avoidance

METrans vehicles are equipped with two different types of lasers.

Laser Detection sensors located on the food rests ensure that the operator has both feet firmly planted in order for the throttle to operate.

Utilized in the front of the vehicle, our accident avoidance sensors will activate the horn to warn the operator of an obstacle or pedestrian approaching, or when the vehicle is traveling above 7MPH.


Our 48 Volt DC operating system provides the operator and pedestrians with a new level of safety. This includes LED lighting, an optional amber pole mounted beacon, and two 5 Amp 12 volt accessory plugs for onboard GPS and other operator installed accessories.


Ensured to be water resistant, all electrical components exposed to the environment are rated at IP64 or higher. With a powder coated chassis and the use of high quality stainless steel and zinc plated hardware and fittings, ensures durability, even in harsh environments.


Regenerative motor braking and rear axle dual hydraulic disk brakes give the operator the ability to safely stop from maximum speed in 3 car lengths or less, while using energy more efficiently, lengthening the running time on each charge.


The highly reliable, 1850 watt, permanent magnet motor gives the vehicle the ability to achieve speeds up to 13 MPH and travel up to 40 miles on a single charge.