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The MT700.01 vehicle is a new scale of personnel transport enabling our customers to use virtually anywhere their business requires.

it sure beats walkin'


At METrans, safety is a core value and the MT700.01 was developed and tested to ensure that the operator and pedestrians can maintain a safe working environment while vehicle is in operation. This was achieved by integrating laser sensors on the foot rests that ensure the operator has both feet firmly planted for the throttle to operate as well as laser sensors in the front of the vehicle that provide advance warning by activating the horn when operator is driving above 7 MPH and an obstacle and/or pedestrian is in the path of the vehicle. This alert enables the driver and/ or pedestrian to take evasive actions. If evasive actions are necessary, the operator will be safe and balanced as the steering mechanism, combined with low center of gravity, keeps the vehicle upright and controllable.


The 48 Volt DC operating system is managed by METrans proprietary PCB powering the Operator Safety System providing a new level of safety for operator and pedestrians alike; multiple switchable LED lights including optional, amber pole mounted beacon, and two switched 5 Amp, 12 volt accessory plugs for onboard GPS, RFID Reader and other operator installed accessories. All of the electrical components exposed to the environment are rated at IP64 or higher to ensure the systems are water resistant. The powder coated chassis and use of high quality stainless steel and Zinc plated materials for the hardware and fittings ensures the vehicle durability in harsh environments.


Included is the integrated regenerative motor braking coupled with rear axle dual hydraulic disk brakes which give the operator the ability to stop from maximum speed in 3 car lengths or less depending on the surface conditions. To maximize efficiency and output, METrans originally sourced batteries from Computer Server back-up applications. After redesign of the batteries to materially increase the Amp Hour capacity, four batteries were wired together in series and combined with an on board gang type, microprocessor controlled battery charger to create a hot swappable battery back. This permitted the MT700.01 to be recharged from any 110/220 volt outlet in less than 45 minutes. In addition, the 72 inch outside clearance circle turning radius and 100 lb. front bin cargo capacity gives the operator with unique flexibility to maneuver in tight spaces while carrying significant cargo.


Need to transport the vehicle to another facility? The compact design combined with removable seat and steering tiller give the vehicle the ability to reduce the overall height to 22 inches, enabling it to fit easily in most vehicle trunks, enclosed truck beds, motorhome cargo holds, and even several turboprop class and higher airplane cargo areas. With steering tiller attached the vehicle measures at 37.75 inches with a 72 inch outside clearance circle turning radius and 48 inch inside clearance circle turning radius. The MT700.01 is highly maneuverable in tight quarters and handles like a dream on all kinds of flooring and terrain. The MT700.01 vehicle has a curb weight of 237 lb. and carry up to 100lb. cargo capacity for a 700lb. gross vehicle weight with rider and cargo.

Small in Size,
Big in Performance

How to get power, performance and longevity out of an electric motor? METrans realized early on the limitations of conventional brushed DC electric motors and faced this challenge head-on. By thinking outside of the box, METrans discovered the power and longevity from a motor being used for commercial facility cooling applications. By establishing a relationship and partnering with the supplier, METrans was able to take an existing proven product configured to run at 230 volts and redevelop it to run at 48 volts in a vehicle. The result was the (BLDC) 1850 watt, high reliability, brushless, permanent magnet motor that was updated and programmed to run at super-efficient levels using solid state, 150 Amp on board controller. This solution coupled with the battery pack gives the MT700.01 the ability to achieve speeds up to 13 MPH and travel distances up to 40 miles on a single charge.


Vehicle Dimensions

Overall Length 43.5 inches (110.5 cm)
Overall Length w/ Beacon 45 inches (114.4 cm)
Overall Length w/ Trailer Hitch 46.5 inches (118.1 cm)
Overall Length w/ Trailer 94.75 inches (240.6 cm)
Overall Width 26 inches (66cm)
Overall Height (at top of Tiller) 37.75 inches (95.9 cm)
Wheel Base 25 inches (63.5 cm)
Front Wheel Track 23 inches (58.4 cm)
Rear Wheel Track 25 inches (63.5 cm)
Ground Clearance - Vehicle 3 inches (7.6 cm)
Ground Clearance - Axle Drive Pulley 1 inch (2.54 cm)
Cargo Deck Width 10.5 inches (26.7 cm)
Cargo Deck Length 12 inches (30.5 cm)
Cargo Deck Height 5.5 inches (14 cm)

Vehicle Power

Power Source (BLDC Electric Motor) 48 Volt DC
Max Power 1850 Watt
Rated RPM 2500
Output Power at Rated RPM 1699.4 Watt
Torque (Kg.cm) 65.99
Efficiency 79.6
Electrical System (VCM) 24/12 Volt
Batteries (4) - 12 Volt 22Ah, AGM Sealed
Battery Charger 12 Volt DC Gang Charger, 100/240VAC, On-board, Marine UL 1236 Spec. and CE Cert.
Speed Controller Solid State, 150 Amp, Programmable
Drive Belt w/ "D" Shaft Pulley 8mm Opti Omega HP HTD type Belt Drive
Rear Drivetrain Sealed Open Diff. w/ 1 inch drive axles
Gear Selection Dash Mounted Fwd/Rev Switch
Motor to Axle Ratio 4.118:1


Seating Capacity and Style 1-Person Adjustable height Tractor seat
Gross Vehicle Weight (Operater + Cargo) 700lb. (317.5 kg.)
Curb Weight w/ Battery Pack 237lb. (107.5 kg.)
Weight without Battery Pack 162 lb. (73.5 kg.)
Front Cargo Bin Capacity 100 lb. (45.36 kg.)
Inside Clearance Circle Turning Radius 48 inches (121.9 cm)
Outside Clearance Circle Turning Radius 72 inches (182.85 cm)
Instersection Isle Clearance 45 inches (114.4 cm)


Steering Tiller to bel crank to heim jointed SS push rods to wheels spindles
Service Brake w/ Parking Brake Handle Bar Master Cylinder to Dual Hydraulic Calipers (w/ locking detent)
Tires 9" x 3.5" x 4" directional highway tread, tube type
Front Wheels Die Cast, 2-Piece aluminum w/ Dual Rubber Seal Bearings
Rear Wheels Die Cast, 2-Piece aluminum w/ .250" key stock


Range Up to 40 Miles
Max Speed (level ground) 13 mph +/- 0.5 mph (21 kph +/-0.8 kph)
Grade Capability 5% +

Frame & Color

Frame, Bumpers, and Front Outer Bin Jig Welded Steel w/ Powder-Coat
Inner Cargo Bin, Dash, Bracket Stainless Steel, Natural
Body and Standard Color Fiberglass w/ Gel Coat (Safety Blue)