Company Overview

Think Micro…

A New Scale of Electric Vehicle

METrans manufacturing is located in sunny Phoenix, Arizona. METrans was started by Bill Lawson.

Bill has decades of experience in engineering, fabrication, automotive restoration and holds a few design and utility patents.

What started as a need for a personal transport vehicle that fit through standard doorways, has progressed to manufacturing of a very robust weight carrying capacity electric vehicle and custom mission specific trailers.

With a great team of design engineers and manufacturing specialists, METrans has tackled a wide variety of projects over the years, from data center server lifters to horticulture custom designed trailers.

METrans manufacturing abilities include, but not limited to: CNC plasma, milling and turning operations, bending, forming, welding and fabrication, & CAD design. Our extremely diverse facility allows us to design as well as prototype and manufacture all of our own products in house. Which gives us constant control over innovation, quality, pricing, and availability of all METrans products. We also understand how important it is to serve our customers in a timely fashion, which is why we do our best to stock all of our products for immediate shipment.

We know what it takes to make our customers happy. And we guarantee every product we offer as well as strive to provide excellent customer service.