Assembled in the USAwith global components

Company Overview

It’s a compelling story…


It started in 2001 as an idea, with no comparison. The idea progressed to a scale model, then a prototype, then Design and Utility Patents granted in 2003. The prototype and concept were then “parked” for a period of the next 10 years, as Battery, Electric Motor and other Core technologies were not up to the task.

Fast forward to 2014, the continuous drive for robust performance enabled METrans to intercept and successfully adapt key technologies developed for other industries which could be enhanced to meet the METrans vehicle requirements.

As a privately held and financed company (with no debt) located in Phoenix, Arizona, METrans focuses on continuous development and manufacturing to deliver products with excellent quality and functionality to exceed our customers’ expectations. By establishing strong partnerships with suppliers and engineers who understand our vision, METrans has been able to source and develop the best components resulting in the creation of a vehicle with significant weight carrying capacity, an observed standard vehicle range of greater than 40 miles depending on gross weight, throttle position (speed), grade and ambient temperature (assuming a full battery charge), and the capability of charging a fully depleted battery pack in less than 45 minutes.

METrans has achieved an alternative to walking by providing a better means of transportation, with cargo, in every office, venue, commercial, manufacturing, industrial, warehouse and other environment where a person walks. Our products represent a New Paradigm in Personnel and light burden transport that has enabled all of our customers to be more efficient, every day.