Electric Commercial
Industrial Vehicle & Trailers.

  • 40 Mile range
  • Fast On-Board Recharge
  • Mission specific trailers/carts
  • Pulls up to 1000 LBS
  • Laser Accident Avoidance
  • Plugs into standard 110v plug
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Mission Specific Cart/Trailers

METrans designs mission specific carts/trailers for companies looking to complete tasks with better safety, efficiency, and reliability, at a scale never seen.


All of our cart/trailers come equipped with a pull handle steering arm, meaning the cart/trailer can be used independently, or paired with a METrans vehicle via hitch.


The cart/trailers 4 wheel steering capability allows for maximum maneuverability, whether used alone or with a vehicle.

360° View

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360° View

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We Have Solutions

The METrans Custom Design Team

METrans has established an in-house custom design team.

The custom design team will personally work with the customer to create the perfect cart/trailer for operations.

There’s no project too big or too small, METrans is always up for a challenge!

Arrange a Free & Quick Design Meeting

Please Contact METrans today to arrange a preliminary design meeting.

In this meeting, a METrans engineer will work one on one with the customer, going over the business operations and use case, to help design the best trailer for the job.

Let us help solve your logistics, transportation, and other problems at a scale never before possible.